New Patient Info

Free Consultation

During your initial visit, we will strive to provide        
you with the most information possible regarding
your orthodontic needs. We do this through a
comprehensive orthodontics examination. With this
information, we can provide you with a thorough
explanation of potential treatment options that
might be needed as well as the treatment fee.
Our focus is to provide your orthodontic care
with maximum efficiency and comfort.


Starting Treatment

Once treatment begins, Dr. Levitt and his staff maintain a flexible appointment schedule.  With our lives being so busy, many patients wish to start treatment as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, we can combine the process of gathering all the remaining diagnostic information, including models and radiographs, with the first visit. At the next visit, a discussion is held to finalize all treatment details and the treatment fee. Once all issues have been reviewed and agreed upon, treatment can begin immediately.

In some instances, it is preferred to divide this process into individual visits. This allows either the doctor additional time for consultation with the patient's dentist or for the patient to review their treatment options. Regardless of the number of visits prior to beginning treatment, we are most concerned with satisfying your original reason for seeking treatment. Your input into the various treatment options is very important to us.

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